What is the
Cubicost Certificate System?
With the development of digital construction, BIM technology is becoming more and more popular. As a BIM solution for cost estimation, Cubicost has
introduced a system for certificating user's Cubicost Software application which contains four categories. The following is a detailed introduction to the
system and how to apply for a certificate.
1. The certificate will only be issued by Glodon branches or our partner institutions.
2. Glodon Cubicost Certificate only proves that you have the ability to operate Cubicost BIM Software , but does not represent any other BIM software.
3. The certificate is effective during the validity period. When it expires, you need to take the assessment and regain the certificate.
4. All the information collected is used for level evaluation only.
5. Glodon Software Company Limited reserves all the right to make nay decision on certification and any explanation on the terms and conditions.